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Hi, I'm Suzette

Hi, I’m Suzette Layoun,

An entrepreneur, mother of two, family and youth coach dedicated to helping my clients discover themselves and become the person they most want to be.  My past experience working at Dubai Airports enabled me to nurture and develop future leaders within the organization.  The senior management roles I’ve occupied across different sectors over the past 2 decades have brought me to realize the need to serve the youth sector within the UAE.

I combine principles of psychology, cognitive behavior and evidence-based coaching to assist youth to create and sustain positive outcomes from within through personal and professional development.

The work I do assists my clients to identify, understand and utilize resources to bridge the gap between where they are and where they want to be in matters related to life, social relationships, education, and career.  I apply a very personalized systematic approach to youth coaching.

I believe that no matter what dreams or obstacles you face, you have the power to change your life and, by doing so, change your perspective into the limitless possibilities that exist out there for you.

My specialization in youth development combines with my Corporate and Executive Coaching experience to offer a unique interaction with youth in preparing them for the future.

Benefits of
Youth Coaching

Youth Coaching & Mentoring can help youth develop mature ways to deal with conflict, stressful situations and anger. Through guidance, we can assist youth in understanding and controlling confused emotions and conflicting viewpoints.

This can lead to improved parent-child relationships through communication and rich expression of thoughs. This is an essential component in their growth and development to adulthood.


My unique approach to youth coaching begins with a personal evidence-based assessment to set a youth’s individual goals for self-improvement.  Youth coaching particularly allows thriving teens to help them balance academics, social and extracurricular activities, enabling the achievers to achieve their goals in a balanced manner.

During the assessment, we identify personal needs and aspirations and bring up any concerns.  This level of personalization takes us from assessment to goal setting before identifying the right tools and methodologies to help them achieve their goals.

As adults we understand there is no perfect state in life, there will always be ups and downs, thus the importance to build mental toughness,  resilience and grit at an early age develops confidence and forms a strong character.

By working on an individual level, I am able to build a level of trust through a non-judgmental approach.  This enables our sessions to have a free flow of ideas, suggestions, and feedback that can leave a lasting impression in their character development.  In essence, my core approach revolves around listening, advising, informing, challenging and supporting.

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