In my sessions, I offer youth and families a powerful interaction that fosters within each individual a deepened self-awareness and self-understanding. They will also learn tangible tools that can help them overcome their challenges, embrace themselves, and achieve their goals. Some of my specialties, among others,  include helping with academic and social anxiety, organization, negative feelings about self, choices around friendships and relationships, formation of healthy personal boundaries, decision-making around the future, formation of life goals, improved communication, improved coping skills, and development of increased sense of personal responsibility.

Through the trusted and unique coaching relationship, I will listen, advise, inform, challenge, and support youth to know and honor themselves, overcome obstacles, identify and achieve their goals, and grow into successful, happy and confident young adults.


  • Certified Youth Mentor and Leadership Coach –ICF/BCC
  • Certified International Executive Coach – ICF/BCC
  • Accredited Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) Specialization Diploma -CPD
  • Certified NLP Practitioner –(ABNLP) American Board of NLP
  • Licensed Personality Profiler -MBTI® Practitioner-CPP
  • Masters Degree in Human Resources Development and Performance – Leicester University -UK
  • Executive Leadership–Cornell University –US

Specialized education, training, and experience to assess the needs of youth, collaborate on solutions, and offer strategies that assist individuals and teams in reaching identified goals.

A proven track record of successfully working in both multinational companies and government entities in a diverse range of commercial market environments including hospitality, telecom, consultancy, retail, manufacturing, and aviation for over 18 years.

Facilitated hundreds of Corporate High-End Executive Leadership & Behavioral Workshops –Chaired Emiratization at a leading government entity and launched and directed Fresh graduate & Youth programs and Female Leadership Programs.

Local and global experience, working extensively within the Middle East and North Africa, Spain and Netherlands with a diverse range of nationalities and abilities accentuating cultural understanding and measurably improving capabilities and behavioral effectiveness. Consistently commended on results-driven personality combined with a confident, energetic and friendly character.

A progressive listener and facilitator demonstrating high levels of emotional intelligence and a problem solver with in-depth behavioral knowledge and acumen.

Suzette has spent the last 15 years in the UAE developing a great understanding of the local nuances and expat life.  Aside from being well-qualified from receiving her Masters in Human Resources Development and Performance from Leicester University and an Executive Leadership degree from Cornell University; she is specifically qualified as a Certified International Executive Couch and a Youth Mentor and Leadership Coach by ICF/BCC, an Accredited Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Specialization Diploma and NLP Practitioner by the ABNLP and a Licensed Personality Profilers by MBTI®.

However, those are just her formal degrees, her practical experience extends into corporate leadership programs as well as developing fresh graduate and youth programs.  Her past work experience has seen her work across the MENA region, Spain and the Netherlands.

Also as a mother of two boys, she understands the social pressures and expectations children face today as do all parents with teenagers and young adults.  It is a difficult time in their lives and the choices they have to make about their futures.

Her hands-on experience ranges from both her professional and personal experience, which is why she is on a mission to empower the youth by giving them a Voice to Choice.